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Play nice!

Although unthunk will allow almost any comments to be posted, personal attacks, inflammatory/hateful remarks, and anything illegal will not be tolerated. Unthunk reserves the right to modify, change, and delete any content on this site posted by anyone, for any reason (whether it's a good one or not).

Share and share alike

You agree that all contributions become copyright of www.unthunk.com, and that you will not submit anything to this site that is copyright of anyone other than yourself. Poaching from googlewhack is not allowed. This site and its contents may be freely used for non-commercial purposes and personal use.

Look elsewhere

Random searches are not allowed from this site, and you will receive 1 warning each time unthunk detects that you have entered a word pair that returns 10 or more results on google. Due to the nature of google, your search results may not always agree with what unthunk finds. Thus, if you feel that you have received a warning in error due to a discrepency between your and unthunk's findings, please contact unthunk.

Three strikes

Three warnings and/or violations of the terms of use will result in suspension of your account. Furthermore, you will receive an "F" on your report card and may be asked to visit the principal's office. Unthunk may also permanently ban you at its discretion.


Your email address is required to register in order to provide automated password resets and notify you in the event that your account has been suspended. Your ip address may be recorded, especially if you violate the terms of use. This site may set and access cookies (mmmmmmm, cookies) on your computer. Unthunk takes privacy very seriously, and your personal information will never be divulged without your permission except for suspected or actual incidents of illegal or fraudulent activity.

This is your brain on unthunk. Any questions?

Please feel free to contact unthunk with any questions you may have regarding this site, the rules, or terms of use. If you need general advise please consider writing a letter to Dear Abby.


Please see the rules/faq for each section.


Unthunk features several user selectable preferences by clicking the "options" button. From here you may change your password, email address, and set your preferences:

  • Theme - Change the look and feel of unthunk by selecting a theme.
  • Profanity Filter - On by default this context insensitive filter will censor out words considered "dirty" based on a master list maintained by unthunk. The filter may be turned off or set to "block all" to block everthing in a thunk containing a "dirty" word.
  • Show Links - See links to thunked paged on the thunklist.
  • Hide Me - Keep your username from being visible while logged in.
  • Top Tools - Displays logged in users and select stats on the top of each page.
  • Show wl Warnings - Show/hide word list notifications in the thunklist.